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“Revisit your year 2017” ! (Part 1)


The last 3 days – 2018 is around the corner.  What is your New Year’s resolution?
Before that, what have you done? How good is it? – These are a straightforward questions!  As always, at the end of the year, I like to revisit this year and see what I have accomplished or what finally I could not buckle down.  Finally, there will be the something which I have to prevent occurring in the next year.

First and foremost, with regard to becoming a better you, I am not talking about something you do the same way as in the previous years.  For instance, keeping working, watching some movies and traveling around some countries.  There is nothing wrong about these things but they just fill your LIFE with ENTERTAINMENT only. 



I have one mantra I like to highlight here: We are not “human beings”, but we are “human becomings” in as we pursue.  If your version in 2016 was “1X”, don’t you think we need to work a little forward beyond “1X” by the end of 2017?  This is because 1X times 1 is 1X forever.  Then, if this is the outcome of the year, For me, this year is rudimentary or wasteful.  It is okay for 1 year but I don’t spend my entire life like in the 1X state.  Therefore, I would like to challenge to what extend you have promised to change, achieve or even evolve for to becoming a better you in NEXT year!  It seems something terrified yourself, didn’t it?  Time is the greatest commonality for all of us.  You can use it, but you can’t keep it.  Everyday you have 86,400 seconds in your daily account.  You can’t hold it at the end of each day.


How to refresh back what we did in this year?
To begin with, I would like to use facebook, google calendar or google photos for this purpose.  If you don’t use those applications as a record system, one thing I would suggest to you is sitting down and closing your eyes like doing a mediation.  Focusing on what you felt the top 5 achievements or gratitudes were for this entire year.  And then,categorizing those items into the following aspects: Career, family, friendship, interests and personal growth/dream.  If you have a religion, you can include the religion part.  

Why these 5 scopes?  Research has shown that these 5 areas establish our support system that helps us to face our challenges.  The irony is that if you cannot strike a balance between those items, you‘ll end up becoming mediocre or subpar.  Think about this for a few seconds, why do people sabotage, have depression or commit suicide?, Most likely they didn’t feel happy or gain support from others. 


For my examples :
1. Career – Acclimatising to a new career from Macau to Sydney. Gained a certificate IV for training and assessment.
2. Family – Maintaining the relationship with my family in Macau and Hong Kong.
3. Personal growth – Establishing fluency in spoken English and my online business, keeping reading or writing everyday.  
4. Personal interest – Mastered well in cooking a 10-people meal.  Learned cycling confidently in main streets and bike  maintenance skills.  Consistently of doing 5 days workouts per week and waking up at 5am consistently.  
5. Friendship – Networking with some like-minded friends to the benefit of my personal growth and career. 

IMG_20171225_221045  Cycling becomes my major interest at the moment.

IMG-20171218-WA0004 Family gathering


Friends gathering.

You may notice that I have used “past tense” for some sentences in which I indicated that I was happy about my achievement.  Those coming with the “ing form” mean I still need to work harder or I haven’t STARTED yet.  Regarding my personal interests, I am glad to find out that I have accomplished 3 amazing things in this year.  I never thought that I would like to cook and find this as a moment of personal solitude.  In addition, I have organized 15 rounds of home dinners before I came to Sydney.  Further, I also have my a decent bike right now, and I can cycle most main streets in the Central area of Sydney.  I had never thought to embrace these two skills from a novice to an expert. 


Stay tuned!




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