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There is no time management.(How to produce 10X faster) Part 2

  • Posted on: 12, 21, 2017
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2. Integrate in your daily routine and find your LOVE.

“Do what you love” is the best way to maintain our focus and interest.  However, most things appears to us is not always intriguing and exceptional.  They may be fragmented or cluttered.  In addition, they may be like diamond which comes from coal.  It need us to work on it and at some points, we need to apply our imagination and creativity to make this diamond become something beautiful. 

IMG_20171214_083628    IMG_20171218_174945different view of my cycling tracks  IMG_20171218_174736

It will be a blessing once you can flip over from negativity to positivity.  I know it is challenging but it is not rocket science literally.  It can’t turn around by over night.  It takes time to keep changing and modifying.

My yellow mp3 playerIMG_20171218_174951

Take everyday commuting as an example, it normally take me 45 minutes by train or bus. Like most people, I like to have a better body shape as well.  However, I could not squeeze in my time to keep going gym everyday.  Eventually, I spent almost 2 months establishing a better integrated daily routine.

IMG_20171212_084913 “My workout spot”         IMG_20171214_084920     feeling hot@    

My current version is to cycle to my office by using nice cycling tracks and some back streets.  It is full of breeze and enjoyable moment all the way through.  Finding a better track was an interesting activity to me as well.  I normally stop at the Prince Alfred Park which is full of outdoor gym tools and 2 minutes away from my office.  Therefore, this daily commuting is a mixture of commuting, exercising and workout.  Yes, one bonus I made was to play some motivative speeches from my mp3 player while I was cycling Not bad, right?  It costs me less than 1.5 hours in total.  Most importantly, this combination also helps me save money, time and embark on achieving a better body and healthier life style.  In addition, it completely made my every morning become content and exciting before I start my daily work!




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