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There is no time management.(How to produce 10X faster) Part 1



Time is finite.  You can spend it but you can’t own it. Once you waste it, you can’t get it back ever.  Therefore, a 24 hours day is totally fair to everyone, no exception! No matter if you are supreme, mediocre or subpar.  Once I knew I finally decided to work in Sydney one year ago.  I had physically and mentally prepared myself with regard to my new work, accommodation, social network and church while I was still living in Macau.  However, time is always brutally running through your fingers if you don’t hold it tight.  This was my first time I was away from my home more than 3 months.  However, this time is not a fascinating story  I am not always successful as I had planned before. 

  • I dropped out of two online courses as I could not sustain.
  • I brought the 10 books here but I have just read through two of them. 
  • I still could not buckle down to my training business here.
  • I had planned to join any marathon group, toastmasters group, cooking class or church group. I didn’t engage in any of them.

However, those failures have got me thinking how I produce 10x faster and 10x focus in my life.  Everyday is our laboratory and our goal is to experiment and see what happens.  First and foremost, there is no such thing as time management. It is only SELF-management.  You either make use of your time or time overtakes you.  What do I mean by that?


Somebody may be late or give you a rain-check.  They may have their reasons but actually it is only an excuse as this is not their first priority.  Take my study in Certificate VI training course as an example, I had to finish those 7 units in 12 months.  However, I put off my schedule and dabbled a lot.  Therefore, I had done only 1 unit in 9 months  My senior manager said it was impossible for me to knock off all units in time as they were talking Australian context and my time was very scarce as I have been working full time work.  To my astonishment, however, I completely all units with a very decent result. 



Why? Firstly, this certificate was an entrance requirement for me to do any training here. Otherwise, I could only do administrative work.  Secondly, I could not apply for any extension reasons as the study period coincidentally was the last cycle of this certificate.  This means that the new cycle will be more time consuming and complicating.  I either zeroed in on my study or it would be a recipe for disaster for wasting my time completely.  Therefore, studying this certificate VI was my first priority at the moment.  This was really make-or-break period.  I was hyper-focused and relentlessly presented with the study in front of me.  I could stand 10 hours per day, ridiculously.  Finally, I found that once I cut off all fluff, distraction and procrastination, I could accomplish this course in 2 months what it would take others a year to finish.  I made it a victory because I treated this course with my HIGHEST priority and did not worry about my competency or the limiting resources. 

2. what will I talk about it…..



Stay tuned.




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