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Do you still need a Christmas card?

IMG_20171204_194037I do.  A month ago, a friend of mine had promised to send me a Christmas card from Hong Kong. I was hugely surprised to receive it yesterday. In this overwhelmed social media age, people prefer sending their wishes online instead of sending real cards. 


However, this trivial gesture really means something to me.  She said it would be my first Christmas away from Hong Kong and without any significant other. She knew it would be challenging for me at the moment.  I initially didn’t realize that she indeed kept her promise. A little stamp and few words were on this Christmas card that flew over to Sydney and arrived just at the right time.  I have been experiencing a roller coaster of emotions in these three months. Actually, I have gone through very tough moments and feeling hopeless in my workplace. 



She is not my casual acquaintance and not my soul mate either. However, this micro action of sending me an X’mas card brings her in an undisputed friendship position to me.  I’ve felt a mixture of sorrow and happiness once I started my new life in Sydney.  Most people I met here would bottle up their emotions very often.  My first impression of how people communicate is that it is totally different from  the way I’m used to communicate.  Most people may currently try to work out their problems, or meander around somewhere and even desperately figure out how to work better.   No matter how little attention you give someone, it definitely boosts their positive energy.  There are so many methods you can use to afford  someone you care a unique experience such as a park lunch, cycling, homemade cake or dinner, even a phone call.







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