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98% intention is not enough! ( Permanently change your habit)

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Hi there,

it is less than 30 days until the end up of this year. What do you want to accomplish in 2018? Do you want to change something and change it “Permanently”? I was immensely grateful to have read this article. Here are the ideas I like :
1. 98% intention is not enough.
If your change is based on your sudden will or temporary hope, you can’t make it. You need to be crystal clear what you want to be. The author called this “evolving” into a better version of yourself instead of ” changing”. Therefore, get ready to sacrifice, focus, and be persistent.

2. Keep showing up.
Everyone wants to have a blissful future or a superior competency in their career. However, you need to let go of the negativity and fertilize the positivity surrounding you. You can’t be perfect all the time. Two weeks ago, I have delivered a book discussion session. One of the audience members promised me to write a review within a few days.  After the first week, she said she was busy and got sick.   I didn’t ask for a long review, no word count.  If she had done it, it would have taken around 10 mins for sure. However, she put off indefinitely.

3. Stop dabbling
At the beginning, most people may be ridiculously excited what they want to change. Keep doing is a focal point but the other factor is about dabbling.  Many people live a little safety net, enjoy what they want. I see so many youngsters or adults who meander around. They want to change something conveniently without inconvenience. Sorry, if it is easy, everyone can do it. I don’t want to waste my time in Sydney. I tell myself how to improve my morning routine.  I hate to be mediocre. To be more specific, the author has mentioned 4 aspects – have you improved 1% of improvement on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health? If you haven’t, you are completely waste your day. Believe it or not, even the  smallest positive change will have ripple effects in your life.  This is what I keep writing in English at least 3 times a week because it is my primary objective for 2018. I appreciate your comments. Please share your idea on this topic.

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